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標題: 《 My Collection 》FATHER'S ME [打印本頁]

作者: 檸音樂歌詞庫    時間: 2008-2-27 20:46     標題: 《 My Collection 》FATHER'S ME

(You'll be my.You'll be my road.When i'm tinking of you i swear l
I said i .Want some lights when i'm walking this road)
Four at the morning. fold a plane to fly through the window
Six at the morning .listening to the birds sing. and thinking of you
I say you don't understand me.I say you don't have idea
I say you don't think of my feelings
It'hard to admit.It's sad to admit. I tihnk
Open your ears and open your eyes
You don't have to pretend to be blind
Open your ears and open your mind
Everything is besides you here Here* Here*

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