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標題: 《 Private Corner 》Everyday is Christmas (英) [打印本頁]

作者: 檸音樂    時間: 2010-1-22 21:21     標題: 《 Private Corner 》Everyday is Christmas (英)

作曲:Roxanne Seeman / Philipp Steinke
填詞:Roxanne Seeman / Philipp Steinke

Lyric @ Lemon Music Group  檸音樂歌詞網

* Everyday is like Christmas day
With you in my arms
Getting cozy in Santa's sleigh
You to keep me warm
Underneath that big green tree
The stars shine down
It's so heavenly oh
Everyday is Like Christmas day
When you're with me *

Everyday is Christmas song
Hear the angels sing
And when you kiss me I sing along
Just hear the bells ring
In the spirit of good cheer
They chime so magically
All can hear that
Everyday song is a Christmas song
With you my dear

# Everyday is Christmas
Everyday is Christmas
I may be naive
But I do believe
That reindeer fly on Christmas
Eve Cause Santa he
Brought you here to me #

Everywhere that we look around
It's startin' to snow
And when you hold me with you
I've found
All I need to know
Hiding in this spot'bow the chimneytops
Watchin'Santa Claus make his stops oh
We're so happy with what we're got
Let's let it rock


Cause Santa he
Brought you here to me


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