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標題: 傷心神話 - 鷹與月 [打印本頁]

作者: 檸音樂歌詞網    時間: 2011-8-5 14:22     標題: 傷心神話 - 鷹與月

編曲:劉 卓

Lyric @ Lemon Music Group  檸音樂歌詞網

(獨白)Every storm has got the beginning and the end.
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of deth, I'm not affraid.
As a butterfly breaking out of cocoon, I know, I will see your face again.

你說明天 末日將來 妳要我勇敢點 別讓淚流下來
我說怎能把手鬆開 好不容易來到今生等你愛
後來遭遇惡魔的破壞 讓你我魂飛魄散
如今重逢 不管未來路多難走
我要把你的愛 你的心 你的魂 緊緊扣住

傷心的愛 是非的愛 強烈的愛
傷心的愛 濃烈的愛 瘋狂的愛
埋進土裡 都要愛

It's late at night
Too late to sleep
I have never see the beauty of tomorrow!
You're not around
And strangers laugh
Empty glass reminds me what I really am.

And baby, If I just could ask the God for last one wish
You would just standing here and saying "Take my hand"
And baby, than your warmest sight, would bring me back to life!
God, I would give my life to spend this night with you

Come into my life!
Destiny showed me signs! (It's destiny! I saw the sign!)
I could scream about it!
No one knows about!
Come and save my life!

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