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標題: 《 The First Day 》The ROne & BOnly [打印本頁]

作者: 檸雞蛋    時間: 2007-1-22 18:00     標題: 《 The First Day 》The ROne & BOnly


編曲:韋景雲/莊冬昕/Johnny Yim

Here I am Under the spotlights
Without the stage fright
I'll sing for you

*Remember way before
 I was so insecure
 Without a focus
 Without a sight

 Many weary nights
 I was down with troubles
 I'm striving on
 Sure and predestine
 I'll be on my way
 To be true
 It's make believing*

#If I should be a star tonight
 Make the best of me
 Come hear how I feel
 Let me have a voice
 To sing with love From me to you

 If time could stop
 I'll take this moment to live with me
 and take no regret
 You will see#


Temperamental feelings
that come with every word
that I sing from the top of my head
Don't wanna be that someone
who just sing with their greed


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